Special Offer!!! Personalised Colouring pencils for an amazing £2.99

Great a stocking filler.

For the love of print

Ink on Paper is about your business.

I create and produce items with added "wow factor".

An invitation with a press printed gold foil that shimmers in the light just the way you wanted, or an extra thick business card with that special finish, leaving no one in any doubt you're serious about what you do.

Already got something in mind? Email me today and let's create something special.

Every project comes with my personal 100% no hurdles to jump guarantee that if you are not happy then I will reprint it for you.

Let's work together

The truth about marketing a small business..

Find out how I finally "got it" and you can too...

3 ways you can start to think outside the box

and steal a march on big business today

Created with added "Wow factor"

You want it to stand out? Using specialist printing techniques I can do that for you. No problem.

Stay in touch.

I send out an email to subscribers. I try to do it once a month, but to be honest it's a lot less than that. 

It's about printing. It's about how you can create stuff yourself. It's about how I mess-up and how you can avoid being as stupid as me!

There's also the early bird special offers and exclusive discount codes.

Featured Catagories from my Shop

Business Cards

Make no mistake about it ...... If you really want to show how unique your business and define what makes it special quickly then it starts with your card.


Printed pencils are great. they can be used as a special gift or as a promotional tool for business. I can add straight text or a logo. The choice is yours.


Beautiful and elegant invitations available either from the standard range in my shop or totally bespoke. Letterpess and Foil printing options are available.


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