My Top 2 photoshop alternatives 2017

Photoshop is industry standard for photo editing, but there are alternatives which work just as well for individuals and small business. Here are my top 2 Gimp Yeah, it’s a stupid name. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s does all the basic things Photoshop does and it’s part of the GNU project. Some […]

Silver foil business cards

Silver Business Cards

Business Cards Print colour РSilver foil both sides + Black Metallic foil on the reverse. Print on Colourplan Ebony 540gsm Size Р86 mm x 56 mm Artwork supplied What to see some more printed examples? Use the form below and get my printed samples kit FREE and imagine what we could create together.

When your dangling by your what-knots….

Dangling by your what-knots

When you’re dangling by your what-knots above the eBay swamp, you don’t have too many options. You can stay helpless and dangle, with the crocodiles snapping. Growing impatient for you to give in and become lunch, or you can take your chance, break free, fight those crocodiles and swim that green and murky swamp to […]

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