Supporting Raystede Animal Centre


Meet Murray, my new best friend.

We first met at a place called Raystede Centre for animal welfare in the Sussex countryside. He found in Brighton as a stray with another dog thought to be his mum. His stay there was a long one, around 18 months, as no one seemed to want him as he is a very sensitive chap. he can be wary of other dogs and hasn’t learnt how to be polite with them yet, and so gets over excited or scared, but we’re working on it.

2 families tried to home him but couldn’t handle him, but after many visits introducing him to his now best doggie friend Bernie I took him home to live with us. It was not always easy in the beginning but I realised very quickly that we were meant to be together and now he has settled in so well I couldn’t imagine life without him.

He hogs the bed and the sofa. He loves a cuddle, sulks when we are not around, throws strops when he doesn’t go for a walk when he wants to and complains when he doesn’t think he is getting enough attention. He loves to run and is an extremely fast but always comes back with a lovely smile on his face.

I will be raising money for, and donating to  Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare for the foreseeable future.

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