My Top 2 photoshop alternatives 2017

Photoshop is industry standard for photo editing, but there are alternatives which work just as well for individuals and small business.

Here are my top 2


Yeah, it’s a stupid name. It stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It’s does all the basic things Photoshop does and it’s part of the GNU project. Some things are different take a bit of time to get used to such as shortcuts, but once you have learnt GIMP you can pretty much do everything you can in Photoshop.

Not sure what it’s like as part of a workflow if you work on things with other people but individuals and small business most likely don’t need that kind of thing anyway.

A really good FREE alternative and highly recommended.

Read more of download here –

Affinity photo

A new kid on the block. Affinity photo is getting rave reviews in all the publications that matter. Like all Serif products it’s really easy to use and extremely affordable at £48. I used to use Serif software all the time the only downside was the sales calls. It did really put me off. I haven’t had any with this yet.

A really good choice with lots of save options and extremely user friendly.

Read more and buy here for £48 –


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